4 Quick Ways to Change your Life

by rnn.yqe.

We’d all of us like to be a bit healthier, whether it’s a bit fitter, having a bit more energy or losing a little weight, most people are aware that there’s something they could do with changing in their lives. But what to do? How to go about it? Pleasingly, there are a few quick changes you ca n make which will be less effort than you think and make big difference.

Stop smoking

The number one way to improve your health almost instantly is to quit tobacco. In no time at all you’ll notice an improvement in lung capacity and you’ll be more energetic. Over time your mood will improve and you’ll sleep better at night, your long term health outcomes will improve dramatically as you reduce your risk of coronary heart disease and cancer.

Stretch yourself

The research is unanimous on the beneficial effects of exercise to health. Regular exercise can lead to decreased stress, help with weight loss, combat heart disease and diabetes. And it needn’t be killing yourself in the gym: moderate exercise such as walking briskly can be as beneficial as running. Maybe ditch the car and walk to work, or walk to do the weekend shop.

Moderate your drinking

Alcohol is one of the biggest drivers behind ill-health, linked with a range of cancers. It’s also highly calorific, a glass of wine can have as many calories as a chocolate bar. Cutting back on the booze can have almost instant results for your waistline, and it’s important to have a couple of alcohol free days in a row to give your liver a break.

Eat more healthily

Cutting back on sugary and fatty foods, and replacing them with healthier options gives rapid results. Those who eat a balanced diet have more energy, sleep better and enjoy a variety of better health outcomes, so be sure to eat your greens.