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Huge Health Benefits of Lifelong Learning

by rnn.yqe.

The day you stop learning, you stop living. Humans are naturally predisposed to learning new skills. Even if you’re dealing with a busy schedule, you can apply some time management techniques to allow for short learning sessions every day. Lifelong learning improves your life on all levels. By developing new skills and sharpening existing ones, […]

Quit Smoking the Easy Way with Snus

by rnn.yqe.

Quit cigarettes. So easy to say, but that much more difficult to do. Quitting a highly addictive substance like nicotine is a tough task, as many can testify. No matter what method you try – tobacco patches, chewing gums, diets, self-help books, or even counselling – the lure of a cigarette can remain as strong […]

Cancer and Stem Cells

by rnn.yqe.

One of the main issues which physicians face when treating cancer is the sheer variety of types of cancer that exist. Research has shown that cancer cells are very different, and can affect different patients in varying ways. There can also be a range of types of cells within a malignant tumour. Stem cell research […]