The Important Effects Natural Light has on People

by rnn.yqe.

The sun is the source of our natural light, and exposure to the sun is dangerous to people. We cover our children with high factor sunscreen and ensure that they wear clothes and hats to avoid exposure as much as possible.

Although exposure to the sun is dangerous it is harmful to our health if we eliminate it completely. Balance is the key to this as with various other factors in life.

One of the utmost important effects that the sun has on our body is that it enables production of Vitamin D. We can support our level of the majority vitamins from the food in our diet. However, vitamin D is slightly different it is in fact a pro-hormone and our body produces it by exposure of about 20 minutes to natural light.

Research has shown the links that deficiency in this vitamin has to several serious conditions.

  • Increased risk of heart attack.
  • Susceptibility to several types of cancer.
  • Increased risk of osteoporosis.
  • Insomnia.
  • Depression.

We are all familiar with that feeling of well-being when out in the sun this feeling is due to Vitamin D levels and not purely psychological.

Lots of companies are extremely aware of the positive effects that natural light can have on its workforce. It raises energy levels generating extra creativity and productivity, staff are less likely to lose time away from work due to illness.

The benefits of natural light on a workforce can cause a dilemma for numerous companies since the nature of nearly all commercial building construction acts as a barrier natural light.

A Swedish company called Parans, established in 2003 has developed an innovation solution to this problem. The system uses devices that are like solar panels to capture natural light. Since the collectors follow the sun, they can capture elevated levels of natural light. The collected light then travels through fibre optic cables to any area required.